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HTD Speaker Stands
Our HTD speaker stands are as elegant as they are functional.  Computer controlled machines expertly cut 3/4" MDF into multiple angles with precise edges.  A hidden channel down the center of the post conceals the speaker cable.  The stands are finished in a mid-gloss lacquer that beautifully accents all of our speaker colors.
The most recent production of our Speaker Stands has sold out. We anticipate that the next production will ship Mid-July.

$139.00 PAIR
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Speaker stands position your bookshelf speakers at the proper listening height. They also add a touch of elegance and a custom finish to your home audio system.

Speakers are placed on top of a wide platform and held in place by four non-slip pads. Speaker cable is run up through the bottom of the stand and through the center of the post to a hole located just below the platform. A wide base is equipped with optional brass tip-toe feet for decoupling the stand from its surroundings, and keeping the stand safely upright.

Our speaker stands are made of 3/4" MDF and finished with a mid-gloss black lacquer that beautifully compliments all of our speaker colors. Sold only in pairs.
Sturdy wood construction with precise angled shape
Gorgeous black lacquer looks great with all speaker colors
Brass tip-toe feet for decoupling from floor
Brass pads also included for hardwood floors
Hidden cable channel down center of post
Non-slip pads (included) keep speakers in place
28" (70cm) height positions speakers at listening level
Base dimension: 12" x 9.5"
Platform dimension: 10" x 7"

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in-wall. bookshelf, tower, subwoofer . . . what will work best for me?

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