2U Mounting Brackets
Set of cast aluminum mounting brackets for one HTD "2U" component to fit standard 19" rack space.  Perfect for rack-mounting the following models: MC66, Lync6, DMA-1240, and DMA-1275

$18.00 PAIR

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If you plan to mount your 2U height multi-channel amplifier (models: DMA-1240, DMA-1275) or controllers (MC66, Lync6) into a standard 19" wide cabinet, you need to purchase these brackets which extend the front panel to the proper width and provide a secure means of attachment.

These brackets are not simply bent steel.  They are made from custom cast aluminum to perfectly match the custom cast aluminum front panels of our multi-channel amplifiers and controllers.


Please note that these rack-mount brackets do NOT fit our MCA-66 controller/amplifier.
 For this model, we recommend using a rack-mounted shelf.

Coming Soon
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