Multi-Channel Amplifier and Volume Controls
This is a great solution for our customers looking to add whole-house audio to 4 or more rooms in their home. It is often the best solution for adding speakers and power to an existing home audio receiver with a ZONE 2 output.

Many homes are now pre-wired with speaker cable run from a centralized location to a volume control box in each room and then on to the speakers. In addition to the speakers, all you need to complete your system is our 12-channel amplifier and a volume control in each room. Our 12-channel amplifiers are ideal for 6 stereo zones, but you can also "double-up" on each channel to power up to 24 speakers (12 pair).

Each set includes:
(6) Impedance Matching Stereo Volume Controls
(1) DMA-1240 12-Channel Amplifier

Save $50 when ordered as a complete set versus buying each item individually.

6 White Volume Controls and a 12-Channel Amplifier

6 Ivory Volume Controls and a 12-Channel Amplifier

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