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Level THREE Tower Speakers
Perfect for large theater rooms and dedicated critical listening areas, our Level THREE Tower speaker is guaranteed to impress even the most fastidious listener.  The 3-way design utilizes three distinct drivers, each specialized in reproducing either the high, mid, or low frequencies.

Limited Edition Macassar Ebony speaker color available.

$799.00 – $879.00 per PAIR
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Our Level THREE Tower is designed to blend perfectly with other Level THREE speakers. Level THREE utilizes the latest in high-end component technology.

The low range is reproduced by dual 7" FCDTM Cone drivers. FCD stands for Fabric, Ceramic, Doping. A lightweight fabric is used to create the cone's shape. A ceramic coating is then hand applied, heated, and hardened to give the cone its stiffness. Finally, a slightly sticky polymer coating (doping) is also hand applied that helps increase bass response and add warmth to the overall tone.

A third order, 3-way high slope crossover (18dB on all components) seamlessly directs the mid-range frequencies into a dedicated dome driver with a 2" voice coil. The large voice coil with multi-layer windings and a high-power neodymium magnet work together to ensure that the dome moves/vibrates exactly as instructed by the input signal. No miscues and an accurate response means crystal clear performance in an area critical to dialogue and vocals.

The highest frequencies are handled by the same Kapton Ribbon Tweeter included in the Level THREE center and bookshelf speakers. Kapton, a material invented by Dupont, has been around a while but has only recently become affordable for home audio use. Kapton is an ideal material for reproducing high frequencies because it is very strong and extremely heat resistant, even at only .01mm thick (the human hair is about .07mm in diameter). Aluminum powder is carefully layed out and "fused" directly on to the ribbon (similar to the way a printed circuit board is "etched") to create the .02mm thick "voice coil" that interacts with a pair of neodymium magnets mounted both in front, and behind, the ribbon.

The result is a tweeter that does an incredible job of reproducing the highest frequencies (up to 40 kHz) without distortion and without sounding harsh or "in your face". Dialogue in movies is extremely natural sounding and music can be enjoyed for hours without the listener experiencing any fatigue.

Cabinets are cut using computer-controlled machines and made of quality 3/4" MDF with internal bracing to minimize unwanted cabinet resonance. Unlike many of our competitors, we never cover our cabinets in cheap imitation-wood grain vinyl. Instead, our cabinets are painted black with mid-gloss lacquer or expertly covered in gorgeous real wood veneers.

As opposed to a simple port tube, all of our Level THREE speakers include a tuned port with a 1/12 wave internal transmission line. This allows our speakers to produce a warmer tone with more bass than other speakers of similar size.

As with all of our speakers, our Level THREE speakers include a 5-year warranty and 30-day no-risk guarantee.
Max. Power Handling: 200 watts
Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB
Voice Coil: 2" on mid-range dome; 2.5" on low-range woofers
Shielded Magnet: woofer: 23 + 10 OZ; mid-range dome: 4 OZ neodymium; tweeter: .7 OZ neodymium
Crossover: 3rd order at 725 Hz and 2.5 kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD without base): 41.5" x 8.625" x 11.5"
Dimension of Base (HxWxD): 1" x 10.75" x 12.75"
Weight (per piece): 51 lbs

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