Installing In-Wall Powered Subwoofer: Step4

Step 4

Removing the grilles from the in-wall powered subwoofer is easy if you know a couple of tricks.... Here they are:

Brand new (un-installed) subwoofer:

  • Awl Method - Using an awl, insert the hook end of the awl into a hole of the grille (along the edge not in the center). Pull firmly to raise the grille from the seat. Repeat at multiple positions around the edge of the grille until it pops off.

  • Reverse Mounting Hole Method - Turn subwoofer facing away from you. Find the four mounting holes located on the back. (These holes will be used to mount the subwoofer to the wooden mounting brackets later.) Insert a straight, thin, sturdy object (such as a nail, or thin screw driver) into one of the four holes and apply slight pressure. This will in turn apply pressure to the back of the grille dislodging it from the subwoofer frame. (Repeat in each of the four mounting screw holes if necessary)

  • Paper Clip Method - Bend a paperclip into the shape of a “J” and then inserting the “J” through the small holes in the grille, along the edges. Pull on the paperclip “J” and the grille will lift out of the subwoofer.

Already-installed subwoofer:
  • Use either the Awl Method or the Paper Clip Method above.