Installing Speaker Cables using a Banana Plug

Connecting Speaker Cables to Binding Posts - using a Banana Plug

Rotate the connecting pins on the banana plug counter-clockwise (manually with the BN2 banana plug shown in the image; using a small screw driver with the BN1 banana plugs not shown) to reveal the "eye". The "eye" on the BN2 can accept up to 10 gauge speaker cable; the "eye" on the BN1 up to 14 gauge cable (10 is thicker than 14). Tightly twist approx 3/8" of bare wire and insert into the "eye", being sure to maintain polarity with the amplifier, i.e. (+) positive red to (+) positive red; (-) negative black to (-) negative black. Tighten the connecting pin to the speaker cable by rotating clock-wise.

Before pushing the banana plug into the binding posts, make sure each binding post is tightened all the way down by rotating it clockwise. Pushing the banana plug into the binding post should result in a snug fit.

Note: All of our binding posts and banana plugs are built to the 3/4" standard, meaning the distance between the centers of the posts is exactly 3/4". Some manufacturers of home audio receivers have begun using a spacing of 1". In those situations, you will need to use our single banana plugs.