HTD Center Channel Speakers
When choosing a set of speakers for your home theater, start with the center channel. On average, the center channel reproduces 50% of an entire movie soundtrack and over 90% of the dialogue.
HTD center channel speakers offer clarity and richness you would otherwise only find in much more expensive brands. As with all HTD speakers, we never use particle board or faux vinyl coverings as found in so many of today's inexpensive speakers. Instead, we build our hi-end components into solid MDF wood with furniture-grade finishes of real wood veneer or mid-gloss black lacquer. We make hi-end audio affordable simply by selling our products only direct to consumers.

Level THREE Center Channel Speaker
Never miss out on great dialogue.

Limited Edition Macassar Ebony speaker color available.

$209.00 – $239.00 

Level TWO Center Channel Speaker
Perfect for most mid-sized rooms.

Limited Edition Macassar Ebony speaker color available.

$139.00 – $159.00