Theater Bling

Theater Bling?!? I thought HTD was an audio company. What is the point of this category? Good question! We debated whether or not to even launch this category but after experiencing our own frustration with finding affordable, quality products to spruce up some of our own home theaters, we decided it was a category that was sorely lacking elsewhere.

As you can probably surmise from the category title - "Theater Bling" - we're not taking ourselves too seriously here. In fact, we are treating this category sort of like a hobby as we explore what currently exists in the land of theater decor and what does not. In some cases, such as with our back-lit poster frame, we discovered a couple nicely priced alternatives, but could not find a design that was well thought out, performed well, or lived up to our standards for quality. We believe our solution offers a significant improvement.

So while we are not taking ourselves too seriously in this category, we've already come up with some products we think you should seriously consider. More products to come. We welcome your suggestions!

Portrait TV Bracket

Vertical / Portrait wall-mount bracket for a size 42" - 60" TV.  Convert a 46"...

Lumiboard™ Poster Display

Lumiboard™ backlight and matte black frame for displaying a 27" x 40" double-sided poster....

Lumiboard™ Marquee Display

Lumiboard™ backlight and matte black frame for displaying a custom 24" x 72" marquee-style print. ...