HTD Bookshelf Speakers
Don't settle for average sound in a cheaply built speaker. HTD bookshelf speakers are designed to impress with outstanding performance and impecable quality. We guarantee you won't find comparable speakers in our price range.

Level THREE Bookshelf Speakers
At just under 16" tall, this speaker satisfies your demand for high-end audio and keeps the home decorator happy too.
$319.00 – $349.00 per PAIR

Level TWO Bookshelf Speakers
Awesome performance from a beautiful cabinet that is under one foot in height
$219.00 – $249.00 per PAIR

Middy Compact Speaker
At less than one-third the size of the average bookshelf speaker, the HTD Middy offers uncompromised sound in a small package.
$89.00 EACH

HTD Speaker Stands
Hi-end speaker stands finished in a mid-gloss black lacquer.
$139.00 PAIR