Systems Without Keypads

Cat5/6 NOT required for installation of the below systems
Cat 5/6 cable NOT required
It is possible to control our Mid-Level and Lync whole-house audio systems from any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet using your existing WiFi network and our free Valet Home Control app. If the difficulty of running Cat 5/5e/6 cable to Keypad locations has prevented you from enjoying true multi-source/multi-zone functionality, you are now in luck as long as you already have speaker cable run from each speaker to a central location (or can easily do so).
Ideal for upgrading EXISTING systems
If your home already has speakers installed in the ceiling and rotary-style volume controls on the walls, chances are your system requires everyone in the home to listen to the same source. We call this a single-zone system with independent volume control for each room. By simply adding a controller and WiFi gateway, you can subdivide your home into 6 or 12 zones that can independently select between multiple sources. Leave the volume controls in place or remove them entirely and control everything from smart phones and tablets.
A “clean look” alternative for NEW installations
Our “No Keypad” sets are ideal for new installations where a minimalist “no keypads on the wall” aesthetic is important.
Turn your smart phone into the ultimate Audio/Video remote
With some additional equipment and a one-time programming fee, our Valet Home Control app can be upgraded to control not just your new multi-zone audio system, but EVERY AUDIO/VIDEO DEVICE IN YOUR HOME. Just tell us the gear you’d like to control and we do all the programming remotely. Click here to learn more.


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Lync 6 v3 Set (No Keypads)
$1,549.00 to $2,049.00

"No Keypad" Set for a 6 Zone Lync System:Lync 6 v3 ControllerPhone-to-ZoneTM ready12-Channel AmplifierGW-SL1 GatewayValet...

Lync 12 v3 Set (No Keypads)
$2,749.00 to $3,749.00

"No Keypad" Set for a 12 Zone Lync System:Lync 12 v3 ControllerPhone-to-ZoneTM ready(2) 12-Channel AmplifiersGW-SL1...

MCA-66 Set (No Keypads)

"No Keypad" Set for a 6 Zone MCA System:MCA-66 Controller/AmplifierGW-SL1 GatewayValet Home ControlSet includes 6...

MC-66 Set (No Keypads)
$1,149.00 to $1,649.00

"No Keypad" Set for a 6 Zone MC System:MC-66 Controller12-Channel AmplifierGW-SL1 GatewayValet Home ControlSet includes...

GW-SL1 Smart Gateway

Connect this "gateway" between your home's router and your HTD Lync, MC-66, or MCA-66 controller...

WGW-SL1 Smart Gateway

Wirelessly connect this "gateway" between your home's router and your HTD Lync, MC-66, or MCA-66...