Valet AV

One app to control all of the Audio/Video components in your home!
In addition to controlling our MCA-66, MC-66, Lync 6, and Lync 12 whole-house audio controllers, the Valet Home Control™ app can also be custom programmed to control all of the Audio/Video (AV) equipment spread throughout your home! This includes TVs, Home Theater Receivers, Blu-ray players, Cable/Sat boxes, Video Matrix Switchers (up to 4x4), Apple TVs, and others.

"Valet" means we do all the programming.
With Valet AV, you tell us the equipment you want to control and we do all the programming remotely. After any changes, you simply connect to the Internet and press "sync".
No more searching for the remote.
A virtual remote control is created for every Audio/Video device we set up in your Valet Home Control™ account.  And because commands are issued using your existing WiFi network, you do not need to point at anything or even be in the same room as your equipment.  In fact, your equipment can be completely hidden away.

Convenient one-click buttons.
This is where the magic and convenience really kick in. At your direction, we create "convenience buttons" such as "Watch Movie", "Watch TV", "View Photos", etc. that simultaneously execute multiple commands across any or all of your Audio/Video devices.
An “app within app” experience.
We add short-cut buttons to easily launch, and return from, all of the service apps you use most. Why reinvent the wheel when popular apps such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and SONOS, can all be launched from within the Valet Home Control™ app?
Quickly power OFF.
Save electricity and save your equipment.  Power off or put into sleep mode all of the Audio/Video gear in one room, or even the entire house, with just a single click.
Is special hardware required?
Typically, one Ethernet-to-Infrared adapter (often referred to as an IP-to-IR adapter) such as our GW-IR3 and WGW-IR3 is needed for each room that has Audio/Video equipment. This adapter creates a single IP address on your home's existing WiFi network that can be used to control up to 6 Audio/Video Devices using Infra-Red. Your Audio/Video equipment can be hidden behind cabinet doors and the remotes stored away, or discretely add an IR receiving eye to the GW-IR3 or WGW-IR3 and you have the option of also controlling your equipment with their original IR remotes.
What does it cost?
In addition to any hardware, we charge a one-time $199 programming fee to cover up to six Audio/Video devices in one room of your home or $299 to cover all of the Audio/Video devices in your entire home ($179 and $269 respectively for customers who own an HTD Whole-House Audio system). This price includes unlimited changes to your equipment for 3 years. There is no monthly fee to use Valet AV.
Want to take the app even further?
If you are into home automation and the "internet of things" (IOT), we can likely layer control of those "things" into your convenience buttons so that "Watch Movie" now also locks your doors, dims your lights, and sets the temperature right where you want it.  We call this Valet AV+ and it requires a separate, typically minimal, one-time up-charge depending on your equipment.  Detailed customization, called Valet PRO, is also available.  Call or email a Valet Home Control™ Specialist for a free consultation and quote.


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