Traditional Cabinet


Great Components Make Great Speakers

True to our mission, all HTD speakers offer performance and build-quality you won't find in other speakers anywhere near the same price. Click an item below to read more about some of the high-end components we use in our cabinet speakers:


FCD Cone

Our proprietary FCD™ cones are at the heart of the warm, smooth sound found in all of our cabinet-style speakers.

Kapton Ribbon Tweeter

Our Kapton ribbon tweeter provides effortless clarity and detail.

Installing Cabinet Speakers: Bi-Wire Connection

Bi-Wire Connection with Dual Banana Plugs

Level TWO Center Channel Speaker
$139.00 to $159.00

Perfect for most mid-sized rooms....

Level TWO Bookshelf Speakers
$219.00 to $249.00per PAIR

Awesome performance from a beautiful cabinet that is under one foot in height....

Level TWO Tower Speakers
$419.00 to $459.00per PAIR

Create an amazing full-range soundstage from just one pair of modest-sized towers....

Level TWO Surround Speakers
$279.00 PER PAIR

Treat your ears to a more immersive surround sound experience....

Level TWO Powered Subwoofer
$359.00 to $399.00

Deep and punchy bass from a solid and beautiful cabinet. For living room theaters and...

Level THREE Center Channel Speaker
$209.00 to $239.00

Never miss out on great dialogue....

Level THREE Bookshelf Speakers
$319.00 to $349.00per PAIR

At just under 16" tall, this speaker satisfies your demand for high-end audio and keeps...

Level THREE Tower Speakers
$799.00 to $879.00per PAIR

The ultimate full-range speaker at a mass market price....

Level THREE Surround Speakers
$399.00 per PAIR

Treat your ears to a more immersive surround sound experience....

Level THREE Powered Subwoofer
$439.00 to $479.00

Deep, controlled bass from a solid and beautiful cabinet. For dedicated theaters and large rooms....

Versa SB1
$129.00 Each

Looking for stereo speakers or matching satellite speakers to complete your Versa Surround system? The...

HD-W65 Single Speaker
$65.00 EACH

6.5" aluminum woofer 1" aluminum/ceramic swivel tweeter...

HD-R65AIM High Definition In-Ceiling Single Speaker
$80.00 EACH

NEW! 6.5" aluminum woofer mounted at 18 degree angle; 1" aluminum/ceramic swivel tweeter...

HTD Speaker Stands
$139.00 PAIR

Hi-end speaker stands finished in a mid-gloss black lacquer....