HD-R65AIM High Definition In-Ceiling Speaker
The HD-R65AIM-E is designed around a 6.5" aluminum cone woofer mounted at an 18 degree angle.  It includes upgraded components for rooms where sound is at a premium.
The 18 degree mounting angle makes this speaker ideal for rooms where the speakers need to be mounted in the ceiling and near a wall but where the sound needs to project into the room.  This is often the case with the front three speakers in a surround sound installation where the layout or aesthetics require an in-ceiling versus in-wall installation.
The aluminum/ceramic tweeter, which can pivot an additional 15 degrees, provides excellent clarity and detail and is hidden behind the grille for a professional, flush-mount appearance. The +/-3dB switches on both the tweeter and woofer offer acoustical control to compensate for speaker positioning and room anamolies. Both the grille and frame can be painted to match your decor.

$80.00 EACH
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