Use this Infra-Red (IR) receiving eye to receive IR signals from an IR remote control.  Connect it to the back of our IR distribution block or whole-house controllers using a three-conductor cable or three strands of a standard Cat5/6 cable. ( IR emitters connected to the block or whole-house controller are then used to pass IR signals to other nearby components (DVD players, cable boxes, etc.) so that your IR components can be located out of sight yet still be controlled.
Note that each of our keypads (models KC6, KC7, and LyncPad) already includes a built-in IR receiver eye.  The IR-RX2-IW simply gives you an extra location to receive the IR signals.

$29.00 EACH

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The IR-RX2-IW includes a 3-pin connector for easy connection of a 3-conductor cable (typically 3-conductors of a standard Cat5/6 cable) to our IR distribution block or one of our whole-house audio controllers.

Position the IR-RX2-IW where it is convenient inside your room. You will aim your IR remote controls at the receiving eye. The IR signal is received by the IR-RX2-IW and a red light blinks back at you to confirm the signal is being received.  The IR signal is then passed to the IR distribution block or whole-house audio controller where it is then "flashed" via IR emitters (sold separately) positioned in front of each component.  Only the component that is matched to the remote control you are using will "recognize" the code and respond accordingly.

It is possible to connect up to two IR receiving eyes to the single IR Eye input on the IR distribution block or whole-house audio controller.  The maximum total combined length of the two cables is 300 feet.
Connector type: 3-pin, screw-down
IR frequency: 34-40 kHz
Fits standard junction boxes and mud-rings

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