IR Distribution

If your Infra-Red (IR) components are located in a closet or behind cabinet doors, you can still control them by positioning an IR receiving "eye" that is in line of sight of your remote control. Connect the "eye" to an IR distribution block that is located near the hidden components. Emitters are connected to the distribution block and placed in front of the components you'd like to control.
Please note that all of our whole-house controllers (models MC-66, MCA-66, and Lync) already have the "IR block" functionality built-in.  All of the Keypads (models KC6, KC7, and LyncPad) include an "IR eye".  We also include several "IR emitters" with our whole-house audio complete set packages.
IR Distribution Block
Infra-Red (IR) Distribution Block

$35.00 EACH

IR "Mouse" Emitter
Single Infra-Red (IR) "mouse" emitter with 3.5 mm (1/8") connector.  Emitter will visibly flash when transmitting an IR signal.

$6.00 EACH

Dual IR "Mouse" Emitter
Dual Infra-Red (IR) "mouse" emitters with 3.5 mm (1/8") connector.  Emitters will visibly flash when transmitting an IR signal.

$9.00 EACH

Infra-Red (IR) receiving eye with 3.5 mm (1/8"). Eye will visibly flash when receiving an IR signal.  For use with the MC-66, MCA-66, and IR-BLOCK4.

$22.00 EACH

Infra-Red (IR) receiving eye with 6 foot cable and bare 3-wire ending.  Eye will visibly flash when receiving an IR signal. For use with Lync and IR-BLOCK4.

$22.00 EACH

Infra-Red (IR) receiving eye with Decora-style insert and frame.  Works with our IR distribution block and and Lync. Can be adapted to the MC-66 and MCA-66 with a special 3-conductor to 3.5 mm plug (sold separately).

$29.00 EACH