Nothing can be more frustrating when installing a whole-house audio system than dealing with faulty wiring issues.  Many of our customers have found the EZ-RJ45 Crimper Tool and EZ-RJ45 Tips (sold separately) made by Platinum Tools to be an invaluable time saver.
So we now provide this tool  as a service to our customers (sold at Platinum Tools' minimum advertised price).  As always, be sure to follow either the 568-A or 568-B standard when determining the order of the color-coded Cat5 conductors.

$62.00 EACH
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The EZ-RJ45 Crimper Tool and EZ-RJ45 Tips (sold separately) provide the easiest and most time saving method we have seen for terminating your Cat5/5e or Cat6 cables.  Just arrange the 8 color-coded Cat5 or Cat6 conductors in the proper order (must follow either T568A or T568B standard), thread them through the EZ-RJ45 tip, pull them up tight, and crimp using the EZ-RJ45 crimper.  The crimper will automatically trim off the ends of the 8 conductors and you'll end up with a clean, correct, and sturdy connection (with no frustrations.)
Please note that there is a different EZ-RJ45 Tip for Cat 5/5e and Cat 6 cable.  Please confirm your cable type before ordering tips.  The EZ-RJ45 Crimper Tool works with both.

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