Lync 6v1 Set

Lync 6v1 Set
Complete Set for a 6 Zone System:
Sets include enough power for up to 4 speakers per zone (max 24 speakers):
  • Amp model DMA-1240: max 120 watts per zone
  • Amp model DMA-1275: max 200 watts per zone
You can always add more speakers into a zone or sub-zone by adding more amplifier channels.
Save $167 versus buying each item individually.  
PLUS, save an additional $50 and receive a free HTDNET-LYNC for controlling your system from any smart device when you purchase this set which includes a discontinued Lync 6v1.  Unlike the current model Lync 6v2, the Lync 6v1 will NOT work with the new Door Interface.

$1,949.00 – $2,449.00 
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Control your HTD whole-house audio system from a smartphone or any other device connected to your WiFi network

Door Interface and One Door Station
Communicate with the front door.  Add your own phone and doorbell sound files.

Standard Input Panel (SIP)
$19.00 EACH
A convenient connection point for making a source located within one zone available to all zones

Lync 6v1
6-zone, 12-source advanced whole-house audio controller plus intercom

DMA-1240 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier
40 watts X 12

DMA-1275 High Efficiency Mulit-Channel Amplifier
65 Watts RMS X 12 Channels
with ICEpowerTM (a Bang & Olufsen technology)

RC-Lync Remote Control

IR "Mouse" Emitter
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Single Infra-Red "Mouse" Emitter

Dual IR "Mouse" Emitter
$9.00 EACH
Dual Infra-Red "Mouse" Emitter