Lync 6v1 Set

Lync 6v1 Set
Complete Set for a 6 Zone System:
Sets include enough power for up to 4 speakers per zone (max 24 speakers):
  • Amp model DMA-1240: max 120 watts per zone
  • Amp model DMA-1275: max 200 watts per zone
You can always add more speakers into a zone or sub-zone by adding more amplifier channels.
Save $167 versus buying each item individually.  
PLUS, save an additional $50 and receive a free GW-SL1 Smart Gateway for controlling your system from any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet when you purchase this set which includes a discontinued Lync 6v1.  Unlike the current model Lync 6v2, the Lync 6v1 will NOT work with the Door Interface.

$1,949.00 – $2,449.00 
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Standard Input Panel (SIP)
$19.00 EACH
A convenient connection point for making a source located within one zone available to all zones

DMA-1240 High Efficiency Multi-Channel Amplifier
40 watts X 12

DMA-1275 High Efficiency Mulit-Channel Amplifier
65 Watts RMS X 12 Channels
with ICEpowerTM (a Bang & Olufsen technology)

RC-Lync Remote Control

IR "Mouse" Emitter
$6.00 EACH
Single Infra-Red "Mouse" Emitter

Dual IR "Mouse" Emitter
$9.00 EACH
Dual Infra-Red "Mouse" Emitter