Ideal for both music and movies, Level TWO is the best choice for most listeners and most rooms, including smaller dedicated theaters.

A new standard for quality construction and cutting-edge technology in an affordable speaker system.

NEW!  A family of high performance On-Wall speakers with an elegant and customizable aesthetic.

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When choosing a set of speakers for your home theater, start with the center channel.

Dramatically improve the impact and emotion of what you hear.

Hang on a wall, place on a stand, or set on a bookshelf. Either way, these little beauties are major over-achievers.

Ideal for both stereo and home theater applications, these full range speakers are as impressive as they come.

Great Components Make Great Speakers
True to our mission, all HTD speakers offer performance and build-quality you won't find in other speakers anywhere near the same price.
Click an item below to read more about some of the high-end components we use in our cabinet speakers:

FCD Cone
Our proprietary FCDTM cones are at the heart of the warm, smooth sound found in all of our cabinet-style speakers.

Kapton Ribbon Tweeter
Our Kapton ribbon tweeter provides effortless clarity and detail.

Installing Cabinet Speakers: Standard Bare Wire Connection
Standard Bare Wire Connection

Installing Cabinet Speakers: Bi-Wire Connection
Bi-Wire Connection with Dual Banana Plugs