Y-adapter for Cat-5/6
2 to 1 Y-adapter for tying together three Cat-5 cables with RJ45 connectors.

This adapter is commonly used to connect two Keypads with home-run cables into the same zone input.  Please note that the back of each Keypad includes two "jumpers".  When connecting more than one Keypad (up to four) into the same zone, each Keypad needs to have a unique combination of jumpers, either: 1) both in, 2) both out, 3) left in/ right out, or 4) right in/left out.  As an alternative to "home-running" Cat5/6 cables for controlling the same zone, it is possible to "daisy-chain" these Keypads using the extra RJ-45 connection on the back of each Keypad.  A further explanation is provided in the owner's manual of your whole-house audio system.


$4.00 EACH
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