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Lync 12 v2

12 zone, 18 source whole-house audio controller with intercom.  The "brain" of the Lync system.  We are now shipping Version 2 (v2) which includes a port for connecting the new Door Interface.

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The Lync controller is an advanced whole-house audio controller that is designed for both extensive features and ease of connectivity and use.  Used in combination with a centralized multi-channel amplifier and decentralized LyncPad keypads, it provides easy access to your favorite audio sources.  Lync also provides a full-featured intercom system with both point-to-point and point-to-all capability.

For every zone, Lync provides both variable and fixed outputs, along with a convenient mono/stereo switch for the variable output.  With amplifier channels connected to the variable output, volume buttons on the LyncPad directly impact the sound level in the main area within a zone.  The fixed output is used to feed as many additional amplifier channels as needed for "sub-zones".  A sub-zone is any area within a zone that is a slave to the source selected by the LyncPad, but has independent volume control, usually through the use of rotary or slide-type volume controls connected "in-line" with the speaker cable run for the speakers in the sub-zone.

Six centralized sources, including a simple built-in MP3 player, plus one source located within every zone, are available for selection independently from each zone.  The MP3 player can be controlled directly from a LyncPad (or the Remote Control for the LyncPad), and the other five centralized sources can be controlled via their own infra-red (IR) remote controls from virtually any location in the home.  This is achieved by pointing the remote at any LyncPad.  The IR signals are received by a built-in IR "eye" located on each LyncPad, then transferred through the Lync controller to each centralized source with the use of IR emitters (included with our system packages).

One source can be connected within each zone either using the 3.5mm input located on the front of the LyncPad, or with a special source input panel installed within the zone that is connected via Cat5/6 cable to the back of the LyncPad.  This is a significant feature not found on most whole-house systems.  It is most often used for the convenient connection of TVs and portable devices such as MP3 players, smartphones, and iPods.

Including a full-featured intercom makes perfect sense with a whole-house system of this caliber, although it is a feature not found on other systems in this price range.  Each LyncPad includes a built-in microphone and the Lync controller routes your "calls" to a specific zone or all zones as you've selected on the LyncPad.  A DND (do not disturb) feature is included in case you prefer to be left alone.

Connecting the Lync controller to the multi-channel amplifier(s) is easy using standard RCA-patch cables (included).  LyncPads are plugged in using standard RJ-45 connections for the Cat 5/6 cables (not included).  We even include a mono 3.5mm trigger cable which allows the multi-channel amplifier to automatically be powered up and returned to sleep mode depending on whether or not any LyncPads are powered on.  This allows the system to be powered up one time and then automatically operate at its most efficient level.

  • Power: 120V, 60Hz
  • Max Power Consumption: 180 watts
  • RJ-45 Connection for LyncPads: 1 per zone
  • Centralized Source Inputs: 5 + 1 built-in MP3 player with connection for USB storage device (max 8GB)
  • Decentralized Source Inputs: 1 per zone
  • Fixed and Variable Output for every zone (switchable between stereo and mono)
  • 12V trigger output
  • 12V trigger input
  • System Mute- either 3-30V sensing, or closed circuit trigger
  • IR Emitter Outputs: 5 routed, 1 global
  • IR input (centralized for global out only)
  • PC interface via RS-232 serial connectors
  • Zone lights- blue LEDs indicate when a zone is powered on
  • Source lights- variable green LEDs indicate the signal strength of the source connected

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