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KC7 Keypad
The KC7 Keypad includes an LCD-TFT display and back-lit, soft-touch buttons.  It connects to the MC-66 or MCA-66 controller via Cat-5 (or Cat-5e or Cat-6) cable.  Setup options include display color and brightness for both active and "sleep" modes, tone control for each zone, and the ability to assign a source name (from a list of 30) to each centrally located component.
Easily turn off all zones from a single keypad or turn on all zones to the same source for "party mode". IR pass-through enables control of centralized components from within each zone.
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Our KC7 keypad, with its LCD TFT screen and backlit buttons, is easy to install and easy to use. Only minor programming is necessary to identify source names. And unlike other designs, our keypad is intuitive and can be used by anyone the first time. The KC7 can be combined with KC6 Keypads on the same system.
Simply push one of the six soft-gel buttons to select the source you want to hear and control volume with similar up/down buttons. You can easily put the system into "party mode" by pressing a source button for seven seconds. All zones, whether currently turned on or off, are immediately switched to on and with that source selected. Volume in each zone returns to the last volume set in that zone.
Press the Power/Mute button once to put a zone into mute. Press it for three seconds and that zone is turned off. Press it for seven seconds and all zones are turned off.
Enter "set-up" mode by pressing both volume buttons at the same time for three seconds. While in set-up mode, you can adjust treble, bass, and balance, assign source names from a list of 30 pre-defined names, adjust color for both background and text, and control the LCD screen's intensity when both active and in sleep mode (including turning the screen completely off).
The keypad is designed to fit a Decora-style cutout. We provide an attractive "screwless" wall plate, but you can instead choose to install the keypad using your own Decora-style wall plate, including a multi-gang plate. The keypad connects to the MC-66 or MCA-66 via Cat-5 cable (cat5e and cat6 are also okay). Each keypad includes two RJ-45 inputs so that up to four keypads can be "daisy chained" together in the same zone.
Each KC7 Keypad includes an IR (infra-red) receiver that transmits signals received from any IR remote control (operating in the 37.5 to 56 kHz band) back to the controller. Using IR emitters connected to the back of the MC-66 or MCA-66 controller and positioned in front of source components located near the controller, it is possible to control a component using its remote control from any room that includes a KC7 or KC6 keypad, i.e. you can control centrally located devices from within each zone.
Select from up to six different sources; press source button for seven seconds to force all zones to be set to the same source for party mode
Set volume
Pass IR signals (37.5 - 56 kHz) to control centrally located components
Press the Power/Mute button once to put the keypad in mute; press for 3 seconds to turn keypad off; press for 7 seconds to turn off all keypads
Press both volume buttons together for three seconds to enter setup mode: set treble, bass, and balance; adjust background and text colors and intensity; assign source names to each component
Keypad powers back up to the same settings last used by keypad
"Screwless" Decora-style wall plate and hardware included
Fits most plastic electrical boxes with at least 3 1/4" depth

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