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The HTDNET-MC creates a virtual keypad on your smartphone or other WiFi connected device! Control your MC-66 or MCA-66 whole-house audio system using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or any other device with a browser and access to your existing WiFi network.
  • Control one zone at a time, or a group of zones simultaneously
  • Easily switch between zones
  • Select source
  • Adjust volume
  • Power on / off and mute
  • Create a custom name for each zone
  • Create a custom name for each source
  • *Simultaneous multi-device, multi-user capable

*System response may slow if multiple users are sending commands to the system at the same time.

NOTE: The HTDNET-MC does NOT work with the Lync System.
For Lync, choose the HTDNET-Lync.

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Setup is easy:
  • Connect the HTDNET-MC to your home's existing WiFi network using standard Cat5/6 cable
    (Note: if a network connection is not easily accessible via a Cat5/6 cable, you may need to purchase a "WiFi extender" with an ethernet port.  This type of device is not available from HTD but is readily available at most computer stores and online for around $60)
  • Using the included cable & adapter connect the HTDNET-MC unit to the RS232 INTERFACE port on the back of your HTD MC-66 or MCA-66 whole-house controller.
  • Connect the included power supply to the HTDNET-MC unit and plug it in.
  • Identify the IP address that was automatically assigned to the HTDNET-MC by your router (detailed instructions included).
  • Enter that IP address into the browser on your network-connected device.
  • Save the web page as a bookmark for quick future access to your whole-house audio system

Once connected, you'll see a "Virtual Keypad" on the screen of your hand-held device.  Using the Virtual Keypad, you'll be able to wirelessly:
  • Assign names to Zones that will be displayed on the Virtual Keypad
  • Assign names to Sources that will be displayed on the Virtual Keypad
  • Select a single Zone to control
  • Select a group of Zones to control together
  • Select a source
  • Adjust volume
  • Mute on/off
  • Power any Zone On or Off
  • Power a group of Zones On or Off
  • Power all Zones On or Off
  • Quickly monitor the status of all Zones
Source and Zone names only need to be entered once on the Virtual Keypad and will be stored in the HTDNET-MC but can be edited at any time.  Changing Source and/or Zone names on the Virtual Keypad does NOT rename them on the physical KC7 keypad.

*The HTDNET-MC works by serving web pages to handheld devices through your home's WiFi network.  Because of this web page processing, overall performance and system response may slow if multiple users are sending commands at the same time.  During typical everyday use, it will be rare for more than one device to send commands at exactly the same time.

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