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A-2106 Multi-Source, Stereo Amplifier
Our 6-source, 100 Watt x 2, high current stereo amplifier is an ideal solution for affordably expanding great sounding music throughout your home.

Please note that this item is no longer available with a rack-mount face.  A rack-mount shelf is required if you plan to mount this amplifier in a rack

 This item is being replaced with the new DA-2125 released in early April.
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Our new 6-source, high current two-channel (stereo) amplifier is built solid with a large toroidial transformer and produces a warm, full-bodied sound guaranteed to impress even the most fastidious listener. Perfect for two-channel enthusiasts and those looking to expand sound throughout their home.

Select between 6 stereo input sources using either the touch-buttons on the front of the unit or the credit card-sized remote control. Two pair of binding posts on the back of the A-2106 allow for easy connection of two pair of 8 ohm speakers. In fact, four pairs of speakers can easily be connected as part of an impedance matching system using impedance matching stereo volume controls.

An A/B speaker switch makes it easy to turn on or off groups of speakers (A, B, or A+B). Adjust treble and bass to get just the sound you want. Use the Auto On-Off switch to automatically have the A-2106 turn on when the source selected is active and off when no source signal is sensed for several minutes.
6 stereo input sources
100 Watts RMS per Channel at 8 ohms, both channels driven (stable to 4 ohms)
30 amps peak current per channel
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) .04% at rated power, less at average listening level
Frequency response 5 Hz -65 kHz (-3dB, 1 watt)
Dimensions (HXWXD): 3 7/8" X 17" X 14"    Rackmount: 3 7/8" X 19" X 14"
Toroidial transformer design
Treble/Bass control
2 pairs of 5-way binding posts with A/B speaker selection
Connect two pair of 8 ohms speakers without the need for impedance matching volume controls
Connect up to four pair of 8 ohm speakers by adding impedance matching stereo volume controls
Remote Control included

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